Sunday, April 13, 2014

The best thing

The best thing of being a working mom is when u come home and ur baby running towards you sambil jerit "yeay yeay mommy yeay yeay mommy alik"..
The feeling is just so ~heaven..
All d stress, d tiredness and everything just fade away in a blink of eye..
Im so in love with my babies..
Mommy promise mommy will work hard for both of u..mommy will try to be the best mother for both of u..mommy is not perfect but mommy will try everything to be perfect..
I love u..
I love u thousands..
I love u millions..
I love u infinity..
I love u forever..
Alhamdulillah..thank u Allah for this gift..


Simple Me♥ said...

kachinaaaa u growing up too fast syg...jgn cpt bsr aunty tati x puas main dgn kachinaa & kak icha lg :(

Ada Abdullah said...

salam.. hai sis..just walking here..

nak ajak sis sertai give away content kat blog saya.. kalau ada masa boleh la try kut2 dapat halfmoon free :D