Sunday, April 20, 2014


Saw one patient today.. 14y.o malay boy..admitted for acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma..this is his 3rd admission within a month..3rd in a month..can u imagine?
He stays with his grandmother. His father passed away when he was 7 due to road traffic accident. He is the second from 3 siblings. 2 other siblings stays with mother. Mother stay separately with grandmother. Grandmother is not working so as his mother. Hidup diorg bagai kais pagi makan pagi n kais petang makan petang. Grandmother cakap makan minum mengharapkan ehsan orang. Rumah diorg duduk sekarang ni rumah sendiri tetapi tanah kerajaan. Bila2 masa diorg akan kene halau. Makan minum mengharapkan ehsan orang. Before this that boy's asthma ok je but this month attack mmg sangt frequent. Reason? There is new construction going on around his house. Ade kerja angkut pasir etcetera. Unfortunately this boy has severe allergic reaction towards dust.. Tu yang jadi frequent attack. Grandmother takleh nak afford nak cari rumah lain dgn kudrat die..mother pulak sebab dah menumpang rumah org lain takleh la nak bawak balik anak die yg ni tinggal sekali.
A very difficult situation for all of them.. Grandmother cakap sometimes nak makan nasi sekali sehari pon susah..
I almost cried..Ramai lagi orang hidup susah dari kita.
Kita semua senang. Ade facilities banyak. Makan minum pon boleh pilih nak makan ape..kalau tak sedap terus taknak makan..
Jahatnya kita kan?membazirnya kita?
Ape perasaan mereka kan?
Rasa diri ni kerdil sangat..
Semakin tua diri ni rasa semakin rasa jahatnya diri ini..
Banyak benda yang kene berubah.
InsyaAllah slowly.. Sikit demi sikit..
Doakan saya ye..
I want to change to be a better person..

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Al-Manar said...

You are a doctor and feel that the job looks at unpalatable things. That is the beauty of being in a position you are respected and much sought after by people who need help, some as a matter of life and death. Be thankful.

You read about Nadirah in my blog. She was a brilliant student aspiring to be a doctor. Her 1st honours testifies to her academic standard. For four years she has been where many would never dream of being, not even for a visit. You and I would not want to be there as a matter of choice. But she is doing a good job - living up to what Almanar stands for 'Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemasyarakatan.' You can tune your 'niat' to this end and you will live a very happy and gratifying life with your family. Drop me an email if you need to let out your frustration. I will listen to you, and may even say my piece as well.