Monday, August 5, 2013


Here i am..
Complaining again..
So not good for my pregnancy...
Banyak stressor la ths yr..
Not good for my baby..
Tomorrow im oncall..
Taktahu la camne nak oncal lg.
2 days ago i had my iftar at 11pm..
Dalam hati dok cakap "ikhlaskan hati.. Ikhlaskan hati.. Ikhlaskan hati"..
Masa tu i had a patient who had persistent ventricular tachycardia..
already cardiovert him..
Started him on amiodarone infusion..
Gave him magnesium sulphate stat dose..
Still persistent..
In d end i didnt have any other choices than called my cardiologist oncall..
He came immediately afterwards..
Mind u, bukan sekali tau i shock..
Kesian pakcik tu..
Luckily pakcik tu survive that night..
Puas hati tau..
Rase penat berbaloi..

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