Friday, August 2, 2013

Alhamdulillah..tq mr husband

Sangat bersyukur dikurniakan suami yg sangat memahami..maybe sebab hes in obs and gynae department kot so lagi memahami..
Ive been having severe muscle spasm lately..almost every night i would wake up due to muscle spasm..very painful..seriously..
My husband sampai terjaga sebab i was menjerit kecil sedikit and he would give me a massage and tuck me to d bed again after d spasm relax sedikit..and when my princess bangun nak susu my husband yang akan bgn buatkan susu no longer breastfeed sebab marissa taknak and susu pon dh takde..tak sampai 2yrs..:( tapi xpe la at least i sempat exclusive for the past week my husband oncall everyday entertain his 2 sweethearts..
Tq sayang..i love u so much..only Allah can pay ur kindness sayang..
And thank you for belikan everything yg bb nak makan eventhough malam2 pon mengidam..i heart u so much..
Apart from muscle spasm, pelvic pain, backache and constipation, me myself jugak akan automatically muntah post bukak puasa..kat rumah usually not as much as in d hospital..maybe sbab bilik oncall tu dh la sempit, a bit smelly and food pon beli from outside kan so mubtah die bertambah2 lah..sampai 2 days ago berlarutan ke ward and tak sempat nak g toilet..end up muntah kat sinki..
And worst is, tomorrow oncall lagi..i have 2 more oncalls before raya..tiring..takpe insyaAllah boleh survive..insyaAllah..
Im a tough and strong mother..insyaAllah i can do this.. Another 9 more weeks to go..maybe tak sampai..go go!

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yani mohammad said...

yeay for your coming soon 2nd litle bundle of joy!