Wednesday, March 20, 2013

marissa 1 year old

a moment after birth..less than an hour..hehe..after ppv given..she was born with afgar score 7,10 remember?hehe..

3hours of life...sleepy marissa..

 1 month old marissa..

2month old marissa..

3 month old marissa..macam boboy la pulak.hehe

4month old marissa..look at her adorable right?

5month old ustazah marissa...mommy and daddy were both oncalled..picture taken by aunty jaja..

6month old marissa...posing baek punye..hehe

7month old marissa..xnampak sangat drawing mommy lukis..hehe

8month old to stand up already...

9month old teacher..hehehe..

10 month old cheeky marissa..

11 month old princess..

12 month old marissa..on the way to kuala lumpur..

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