Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ayah chik and che aisyah's wedding

Ok tak sure la che aisyah ke aunty aisyah je ape sebab she still x decide lagi marissa and maryam nak panggil die ape.hehe..busuk betol..well..shes not alone..mommy pon x decide lagi maryam nak panggil mommy ape..have several choices here..
1.mommy na
2.cik ina- my sis in law ckp kat her babies to call me cik ina..hehe..mcm bibik pangil la pulak..
3.aunty nana
4.aunty na
5.aunty aina
Which one ek better?any ideas?maklong?no no no!!old school lah..hehe..
Nyway we only managed to capture few pictures using our iphone..the rest photographer yang enjoy the pictures..

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