Wednesday, June 20, 2012

d99 :oncall

first oncall..
was called by casualty team at 2oclock with 4 new cases..
went to review a case in which ive told the fms who referred that case to me to directly send the patient to hrpz2 because she needs to be dialyse there...there is no emergency slot for dialysis in htm..and we cannot do peritoneal dialysis to that patient. she already developed a complication from prev pd.
that fms didnt tell that to the patient and she didnt give any options to that patient..she just directly send the patient to htm...
consequences?delayed treatment...
she was sent by the fms to hospital tanah merah which already took them few hrs to reach htm.. then it took them few hrs to be transferred to hrpz 2..
delayed treatment..
fms tu mesti takut nak refer case to kat hrpz2..nape nak takut eh?

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