Saturday, June 9, 2012

d88 3days back to back oncall

.::marissa with abg harith and abg hafy::.

.::qaisara marissa::.

Hubby wont be home till tomorrow evening..he has been sleeping in the hospital since thursday.. its the price u have to pay if u want to be a doctor..he has been doing back to back oncall since we've been transferred to hospital tanah merah..its really tiring..and the fact that u wont see ur loved ones for few days make it more tiring-mentally and emotionally..hubby is upset, so do i..and of course marissa..i knw she misses her daddy so much..she is all smiling when she hears daddy's voice..shes already recognize daddy and mommy's afraid to go back to work next actually should be back to work by tomorrow but alhamdulillah im able to extend my leave after we met our afraid to go back as i knw once i go back to work ill be hecticly oncall and wont see marissa as much as i see her now..i wont be able to cuddle her and kiss her as much as i do at the gonna miss this afraid that once i start to oncall my baby wont recognize me afraid that she;ll be more attached to my maid rather than me..=(.so sad..
U'll able to treat ur patients but not ur family..patients need u more than ur family...u r going to spend ur time more in d hospital rather than home...
its the sacrifice that u need to make once u decided to become a doctor...

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