Tuesday, June 5, 2012

d84 pneumococcal vaccine

.::while waiting for our turn::.

.::marissa dh tahu nak kene cucuk pasni::.

.::marissa suke duduk dalam bumbo seat..::.

brought marissa to TMC clinic today and had her first pneumococcal vaccine..quite expensive but i rather pay than seeing her with streptococcus pneumoniae infection..it cost us rm275 for a dose..i dont know how it cost in other clinics..tmc is run by a paediactrician and obstetrician..=) haritu masa jaundice pon marissa pergi check kat sana lah..at least kat sini die buat full checkup kat marissa..examine lungs, heart, abdomen etcetera..kalau g klinik kesihatan utk amik jab mane diorg buat semua tu..memang lah both of us r doctors but we are not a paediatrician..takut termiss ape2 ke kan?

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