Monday, June 4, 2012

d83 terengganuuuu here we come!

Aunty jaja demam...temperature sampai 40.5..everyone is worried so we head up to terengganu to visit her..aunty jaja xnak balik sebab die ade final on 10th june..daddy drive sampai UNIZAR...sampai unizar amik aunty jaja g klinik sebab nampak condition ok sikit kot..klinik tu quite bad la actually..seriously..bayar rm40 tapi BP pon x check?what the??masuk2 tanye sakit ape?then after my sis cakap demam die xtanye pon symptoms lain..die terus amik temperature which was 38.5 then amik torch light tgk tonsils and dengar lungs which i dont think die dengar pon sebab main letak je..dengar pon kat depan je?tak pass medical school ke?tak tau ke lungs kene dengar belakang jugak?lepas tu sebab my sis mmg dok sneeze kan so diagnosis die terus URTI-upper resp tract infection..without even asking ade myalgia ke?ade dengue symtoms ke?ade AGE symptoms ke?macam hello?u r a doctor right?i boleh je camtu..lepas tu terus kasi ubat paracetemol and amoxicillin..hmm semua org pon boleh jadi doctor camtukan?
so adik2 medical student jangan jadi camni a doctor examine properly..patient put a trust on u to diagnose them and treat them correctly..dont take things for granted..and my sister?in the end malam tu temperature spiking again and was brought by her friends to emergency department...she even needs a drip sebab dehydrated!that doctor didnt even bother to ask her appetite!kalau ni dengue and dengue shock camne?aiyokkk..
be a safe doctor...u might kill a patient if u dont examine them correctly..macam dalam cerita greys anatomy season 6 episode 6...that doctor was distracted and forgot to examine pt's throat which simply led to a simple as guys-be a safe doctor!..

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Inn said...

huhu.. kak aina, baiklah ! "be a good doctor" ;)