Monday, April 9, 2012

d27 and marissa's dad

The three of us!
Today's entry is dedicated to my husband-rahimie sayutti.. He is oncall today(AGAIN!!!) and wont be home till tomorrow evening.. Mommy and marissa r going to miss u a lot! Mommy and marissa love u so much daddy! Thank you sayang for always there whenever i need u.. Thank you sayang for always try ur best to cheer me up when i am sad.. Thank you sayang for ur patience all this while.. Thank you sayang for everything..
I know i am complicated and always have my own way of thinking n doing things.. i am truly sorry for not listening to what u have said and for put ur feeling aside..i am really sorry for being so selfish..i love u and will always do.. I know u will always do anything for me regardless of how u feel just to make sure that i am happy..
thank u sayang.. I am so lucky to have u as my dearest husband and daddy to qaisara marissa..
love u!hugs and kisses from marissa's pretty mommy and marissa!

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