Sunday, April 8, 2012

d26 with nutella n cream crackers

my mom only allowed me to hve a taste of my fav snack - cream crackers n nutella..tu pon after begging her for quite a d first place mmgsikit la makan but since 2 days ago mmg xingat dunia la..only ate nasi yg tehidang separuh je cuz i prefer my stomach to have nutella n cream crackers as my bfast/lunch/dinner... muahaha..and guess what?i finished a bottle of nutella in a day!oh my god! hahaha..abis rrr...mula2 dh ckp dh kat everyone not to buy cream crackers for me but semalam i was begging my sister to go and buy it for me..lalalla...
and about d clogged duct;yes today it has become quite erythematous/red and warm!not a good sign huh?i should have my massage n tungku session today but that makcik couldnt make it this morning so mmg lagi teruk la..tu pon ok after my mom tarukkan cabbage on top of it..kalau x,nk angkat tangan pon xleh sebab sakit..sound like engorged breast huh?hehehe..owh and yes i need regular paracetemol!huhu..
marissa smlm tdo around 11 woke up at 1 then bgn balik 4 plus.lepas tdokan die sambung pumping session and tak sangka lak budak kecik tu bgn hourly lepas tu and start kul 7am bkn setakat hourly mmg jadi quarter hourly lah..hahha..
good news for today,daddy is home today!!!!yay!!cant wait!
another good news for today was that toknik came to visit marissa today and she brought a gift from switzerland for marissa plus rantai emas!yay marissa ade 2 necklace!tapi xle pakai sngt lg takut tercekik..owhhhhhh lupe nk ckp!finally ade jugak nyamuk jahat gigit marissa!sakit hati betol!die boleh duduk dlm cot marissa..mommy perasan when mommy bgn menyusu marissa!geram betol!

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Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Salam. Nk sggest utk Ambil ifood. Bgs utk ibu mndung. InsyaAllah kulit bby pun cmel, bg tnga dan klu smblit insyaAllh lh bntu.