Wednesday, March 28, 2012

day 3..

Aunty Jaja loves u!
mommy!!daddyyy!!ichaaa mommy?how daddy?
nurse came and told us to have serum bilirubin taken..icha went to klinik with daddy and had her sb taken via was 220!!it worrying as admission level was 170!!
mommy was so worried but was convinced by daddy that everything's going to b ok..mommy needs to breastfeed icha more already every 2 hourly..its tiring and mommy started to have painful tut tut due to freq feeding and xpandai nak pegang and susukan icha lagi..but its ok as long as her jaundice went away from her...
her temp pulak settling down..berkat hasil doa frm daddy and semua..dh low grade..mommy n daddy x risau sangat sebab icha active..mommy of course risau gile but was comfort by daddy yang cool..
mommy loves icha so muchh..muahxxxxzz

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