Monday, January 9, 2012

welcoming third trimester

wollaaa!!hello third trimester!hello everyoneee!my name is raina!i have few mnths left before my mommy introduce me to d outside world!
had another detail scan done last week by ong consultant!lucky me!
alhamdulillah so far insyaAllah everything is ok except for d fact that im breech!!haha.
i love kicking my mommy's bladder so d best position for me is breech!!
my daddy told my mommy that they will proceed to caesarian section if i dont change my position before my due date!!
tian mummy..nnt later2 i will guling2 pusing2 and tukar position jd cephalic k??

breech by definition is d condition whereby d presenting part of d fetus in d pelvic brim is d buttock/feet..orang2 tua cakap songsang.muahaha.for d primigravida(first time pregnant) usually they will recommend for csxn.but of course it depends on d types of breech itself..still at 28wks baby have lotsa room to pusing2 and finalised his/her position.ngeee..for orang2 tua diorg akan suruh midwife "pegang2" or betolkan position current medical practice u can opt for ecv-external cephalic version..somehow my husband and i both agreed that we r not opt for both..ngeee..sebabnye masa scan tu nampak cord bnyk sgt depan muke die and of course myself takutla kan kalau pusing2 jadi cord round neck ke ape so biarla die pusing snediri..last choice caesar je la..huhu..tapi hopefully budak kecik ni pusing2 lg..
owh i have few videos and few pictured to share tp xle nk upload la pulak sebab pakai budak comel dlm perut tengah minum.haha.pastu makan kaki diee.hahha.lapar sangat budak kecik ni sgt tembam!!mcm daddy die!!hahah.mummy die x tembam.muahhaha

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Wahidah said...

ala ruginya tk pat tgk video tu..uploadla...:))