Sunday, December 25, 2011

my hubby birthday celebration

It was about a month ago!hahaha...his birthday was on 7th november (7 eleven).haha..He had 3 separate parties and 3 different cakes!(jealous)..hehe..raya aidiladha so semua orang pun nak celebrate bday untu'2.

1st cake

A rainbow cake made by ijajah a night before that. comel x?

It was held at my auntie's hse..masa tu tengah korban kat sane..ngee..had to recruit budak2 kecik utk pegang belon and pakai topeng and paksa dorang nyanyi lagu..hehehe.:p

And yes..ijah forgot to bring d candles..and my auntie didnt have any bday candles in there u go!hahaha..besar gile candle..hehe.::p

2nd party..

The cake was bought by rahimie's siblings..his all-time fav ; chocolate indulgence by secret recipe..

Gemuks!!makan kek banyak2!!!

3rd cake...

the kitchen was a mess..hahaha..i used oreo to decorate it..santek x???

tara!!!!!the taste was quite good!

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Wahidah said...

rajin update entry lately ne..i likes...wah pndai wat cake la mama aina ne..:P