Sunday, December 25, 2011


I miss working at accident n emergency department..!!
I think i'd mentioned it before..
It was very exciting..
It was the best posting ever..
I was made a big mistake when i met the timbalan pengarah asked her to put my name in medical dpmt.. I should have stayed..but then medical pon xde la teruk mane..
Later in d future je..
Need to make a choice..
A career with a busy life or a career with cosy life..
I will definately choose family instead of career but how far will i go to sacrifice?
Should i just apply for family medicine and stay in klinik kesihatan?at least i will have my weekend off and i dont have to actively oncall..?
Or should i proceed with medical and expecting my phone to ring in everyday even im not oncall?
Or should i carry on with casualty?work in a shift system?
I really do not know..

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