Thursday, May 5, 2011

night shift

Cant wait for my night shift tonight..
wanna see cases that my friends and i will always remember..
rase mcm sangat fun ok kalo keje malam kat a&e..
of course exhausted..xleh tido langsung kan even takde patient pon sebab patient bleh dtg anytime they want kan..
this morning yellow zone a& e macam labour room..
a patient gave birth at yellow zone ok!
datang2 with os fully so what to do?sambut je la..and to make it more interesting patient unsure of date and estimated to be around 32 weeks..prem!
so neonates was called..
obs was called..
turn out baby delivered normal with good afgar score.
rindu nak sambut baby actually!rindu sangat2!
tapi i dont want to stuck in labour room for the rest of my life.
so what should i really do for my future career?

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