Thursday, May 19, 2011


as a doctor, i always tried my best to be as professional as i can!
but i am a normal human being kan?so shedding tears in front of dying patients, laughing in front of patients or making a funny face with paediatric patients etcetera, is acceptable right?
it just that last night when i was treating a psy patient, for a second in my life i felt so scared and just couldnt control myself.
A patient was brought to casualty around 3am in the morning. She was caught by the police after making a fuss at her house earlier that day. She was using scissors threatening everyone to go outside her house. She was fine until suddenly she saw a patient lying in the yellow zone. She was screaming to me saying that close the door doctor!If u did not close the door ill do something. So i quickly close the door. She was saying with diff voice(macam garau macam lelaki) "orang tu bela hantu. Memuja syaitan. Lama2 jadi iblis macam syaitan".
I was like, "jangan cakap camtu.die xbuat ape2 pun kat awak kan?die pun sakit mcm awak sebab tu die datang hospital.
But she still insisted for me to close the door. So i tutup la pintu btween yellow and green. Then she calmed down and her voice changed immediately..
Masa tu meremang bulu roma. She was like a different person!!!!
Lepas tu i pergi called my colleague and attend that case with him!
xberani lah.huhu..tu tanggan was handcuffed..kalau x handcuffed i xtau die buat ape lah...

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