Sunday, April 17, 2011


started to enjoy my emergency posting..
quite interesting actually..
saw many patients with different complaints and different thoughts..
ade yang mmg saje request nak admission masuk ward
but ade yang gile2 punye xnak masuk ward..
ade yang sesuke hati die je nak absconded...
ade few psychiatric patient datang utk tido je.
non specific complaints..
ade yang mmg menakutkan datang screaming mende ngarut2 sebab hallucinations and nak baling2 barang..
ade yang datang sebab nak commit suicide
and last ade yang body brought by police after found dead..
yang last tu scary...that guy jumped from the 3rd floor of his apartment..
scary ok!
muke mayat tu memang terbayang2 n teerbawak2 dalam mimpi..
b4 ni mase anatomy class perfect punye mayat kan..
yang i saw tu memang hancur sketlah..huhu...
owh but one thing for sure...
facemask kene pakai 24/7 if u xnak infected..
yelah casualty kan frontliners..semua jenis penyakit pon dtg casualty so kite la yg kene dulu mcm skarang i dah ade runny nose, fever, cough and headache...
urti from i dont know who..

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