Wednesday, March 11, 2009

scar that never heals

I had a tutorial with Mr.F today. He gave us a 2.5hrs tutorial. He was so good.
He was telling us about abdominal scars when he suddenly asked us,
"All wounds leave a scar and healed but there's one scar that never heals. Do u know where it is?"
-Silence, all 7 of us..-
"Wound in the heart. They never heal,"Mr.F.
Mesti die penah heartbroken kan?hehe..:P..
I rase die akan heal..cume ambil masa je..
It will heal quicker when ade someone else tolong sembuhkan die..=)...Betol tak?
And kalau cukup oxygen, tissues factors, proteins bla bla, die maybe akan sembuh lagi cantek sampai org tak tau pon die penah luka sampai hancur dulu kan?hahaha..:P


husna said...

haha mr f mmg sgt best...
walaupun mcm ganas2 sket...keke
tp aku pon terkejut bler dier ckp pasal scar tu...muka selambe je mase dier ckp tuh...hehe

Witty Angel said...

tula x budget la sebab muke die mmg serius time tu.hahaha..aku punye la fikir scars yang ade abscess sume sebab tu die xleh heal.hahahaha..:P..

Wahidah said...

kalo org len tlg healkan mmg cepat sembuh luka di hati tu...:P

Anonymous said...

Sometimes GOD breaks our spirit to save our soul and breaks our heart to make us whole,

sometimes GOD sends us pain so we can be stronger and sends us failure so we can be humble,

sometimes GOD sends us illnesses so that we take better care of ourselves and takes everything away from us so we can learn to value what we have.

Anonymous said...

gambar pertama batter tapiskan..ada "sesuatu" yg nmpak dgn jelas.. baju merah..