Friday, March 6, 2009


My brother is currently admitted in Perdana Specialist Hospital, KB.
Lets pray for him now so that he can get better soon..
My mum said that he is still spiking a temperature and has little appetite.
He is lucky that my parents got back to Malaysia just on time. If he got it last week i dont know who is going to take care of him.
Tapi from this event kan i knw and i realize that i definitely have to go back to malaysia for my internship. I am the eldest so i am the one that supposedly to take care of them while my parents are away. KAN? so balik malaysia pls aina jeffery..=)

Oh spoke to aroya ayoya this morning. She has lots of thing to tell me but i need to go to the class kan tadi so xsempat cakap banyak2 ngan budak kecik tu. Tapi banyaklaa die cakap from my parents yang shopping banyak kt l.a to die lari from exam kat skolah pagi tadi sebab she wasnt ready for the exam and bla bla..hehe..Comel sangat budak tu. I miss her...Cant believe that she's 15 already. A big girl already. I can still vividly remember her footsteps when she came to my dormitory back in 2000/2001. I can still remember how annoying she could be when my friends were around and i can still remember how adorable she is when she was a baby..Rindu budak kecik itu. Rindu Ijajah and Tomamad yang busuk itu juge..Usop baru pas jumpe december ari tu.hehehe..:p


fizal said...

yeaa...tanggungjawab tu..balik laa...hehehe

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

i agree with u =)
do come back and we can take care of our family members besides serving our own country!
hope ur bro will get well soon..;)

Wahidah said...

anak sulong ni mmg responsible besar pulang lah aina...background lagu pulanglah - aishah...:P

TaNia said...

get well soon to ur bro :)