Thursday, February 12, 2009

Diagnosis anyone?

A 20 y.o, pleasant guy referred by his GP after constant pain on the calf for 2/7. The pain developed after his friend accidentally kicked his leg while they were playing soccer 2 days ago. He described the pain as being dull in nature and rated the pain as 3-4/10. He has no previous episode before and has no family history of blood disorder.

On examination, he has 5-6cm of echymoses with an erythematous area at the centre of echymosses. The area of bruising was tender, warmth and hard on palpation. :D


y.a.r.n.i.e i.r.i.s. said...

uish. takutnya tgk. huhu

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

If my friend tendang my leg until like that, I'm so gonna chop off his!! OMG.

TaNia said...

ish sgt scary!