Friday, February 20, 2009

2nd last day in SI

Situation 1 :

Aina : I always thought that u r a quiet and shy guy C
C : Im not.
O : He's not. We thought U r a nice girl.
Aina : Well, i am a nice girl. I really am.
C : No. U're NOT!u're MEAN!
Aina : Haha..SHUTTUP!

Situation 2 :

Aina : I think she wont answer our bleep. She might be busy in A&E.
C : Yes. probably. What should we do now?
Aina : We head off to canteen and have some coffee?
C : Thats the most intelligent thing u ever said today Aina.
Aina : Owh well..hahaha

Situation 3 :
B : Where r u going to do ur internship?
A : Malaysia
b : owh. Ireland is going to miss u. we r going to lose one great intern. But listen, if u feel like u want to do ur internship here u always have a place here. I can write u a recommendation letter for u to work here.
A : owh..thats great. Thanks a lot..
(ok yang ni kan...he told nadia the same thing.. I wonder if he told each and every malaysians the same thing?)

Situation 4
B : Thanks every1..It has been a great pleasure to teach u guys. U guys are really good. A very outstanding group i ever have.
Us : Thanks.
B : Yes. I normally have 5-6 good students,1-2 neutral students and 1-2 bad students. But for ur group i have 100% good students.
Me (dalam hati) : Ya' right!i knw ive been a very bad student. U must been telling each and every group the same thing then.

Situation 5 :
O : We're going to have a end of rotation party tomorrow.
Aina : In SI?
O : yes. We have a breakfast together after the grand rounds.
Aina : do u really mean it?
O : yes. we have some fries. And everyone has to come!
C : we would end up having a scone instead i think.

Situation 6 : O drew sumthing on blackboard.hhehe..:P..and of course la kan ade some fun stuff as well happened..hehe..=P

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