Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Monthversary boyfriend!!ahahaha

Teng!teng!!Masanya dh tiba!!Mari saya kenalkan dengan BF saya.hahahaha..:P..lalalala
Hari ni Birthday boyfriend saye..So Happy Birthday my dear boyfriend..Sape nak kenal ngan die?hehehe...hmm..He was born on 1st February 1989 in HUSM..5yrs younger than me kan..but it doesnt really matter kan age diff kan?kan?hahaha...I knw him long time ago..since 1988 lagi..hehe..start suke die lame gak dah..since he was swimming comfortably in my mother's uterus lagi...hahaha..he always be the most stubborn, handsome and spoilt brother i ever have.hehe..Encik Wan Muhammad Asraff Wan Jeffery ni skarang is doing his preparation to further his studies to Japan and sangat la bz juge..hehe..He was the champion of Pidato Piala Diraja 2006.Video die ade kat YouTube..So my dear and beloved Boyfriend, Happy Birthday!!!!here sumthing nice for u..hehe..:P
I'm fortunate, and I'm glad
I got you as my brother;
Even if I had the chance,
I wouldn't pick another.
I'm happy you're in my life;
You're my winner, come what may.
May your birthday wishes come true
On your very special day.

Ur sister will always love u dearly...Take care and have fun!!hehe...

Oh by the way Happy Monthversary BF juge.hahaha..
1st January 2009 ari tu kan is a beginning of my new life..
so today kan dah 1st feb kalau ikut malaysia punye time so cukup sebulan dah..So happy monthversary to me and BF!hahaha..

And owh!!thanks sangat2 to husna, nang, aimi, yopit for helping me out with my fyp..hehe..thanks gak sbab masak..owh iza gak!thanks sume budak raudhah cuz sudi meluangkan sedikit masa..hhee...nanti esok i g kaco korang lagi k?hehe..thanks..muahhhh!

P/s : And yes...lupe lak...i left my handset at husna's so any1 yang nak msg or call tungu je la sampai ptang esok k?or just facebook me..=)


TaNia said...

hsome nyer ur bf.. hehhe.. btw, happy monthversary too ;)

KhaLifah feDi said...

happy besday..

mlps aku bhahhaha...

Witty Angel said...

tania : hehe..thanks tania!!hehe..dh cukup sebulan dah jadi org baru.hahaha

kf : haha...:p

TaNia said...

orang baru = aina baru ;)

ab geldofg said...

haraaaaaaaaaam pgang2 lum kawin...hehehehehe

Witty Angel said...

tania : hehe..:P

ab : ahahahaha..tula kan..haramm..tapi haram ke pegang adik sendiri eh?hahaaha

lee young jae said...

hapy 3rd monivrsary to me too.

n hpy 1st monivsry to u

hope we'll have more mnvsry n annvrsry to come

we?? me n XY. u n him

Wahidah said...

happy belated bufday to ur bro ...:)