Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kawasaki disease

Baby ni dilukis oleh Dr.PC...hehehe..die ade kawasaki disease..kesian die...abdomen die distended sket...ok sape tau ape itu kawasaki disease?kawasaki disease is a disease first described by Dr.Kawasaki back in 1960+..I think its 1967..check dulu la..hehe..:P...xyah tahu pon xpe kot..anyway it is common in Japanese and Korean descent..It is a clinical diagnosis...some sort of diagnosis of exclusion..those yang tengok cite Iryu and Code blue ade la described sal disease ni..Disease ni skang ade new name yang dipanggil Mucocutaneous lymph node symptoms die kanak-kanak boleh diderivedkan from mucous, cutaneous, lymph nodes...die ade adalah sejenis vasculitis ye kanak-kanak..
Camne nak diagnose?
Persistent high grade fever (>38.5) that lasts for more than 5days with 4 of below:-
1. bilat non purulent conjunctivitis
2. strawberry tongue n erythematous lips with fissuring
3. cervical lymphadenopathy
4.oedema n erythema of hands or the feet, with peeling of the skin
5. polymorphous non vesicular rash...

Complications die?
-coronary artery aneurysm
-gall bladder hydrops
-sterile pyuria
-aseptic meningitis..

gile entry ilmiah gile.hahaha..

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