Wednesday, December 17, 2014

lamenye tak update

Huwaa lamenye tak update blog..
hehe..busy yang amat..mother with 2 kids kan..
plus stress asek buat roster subrotation and oncall..
tak campur dgn case reports, presentation, audits etcetera..
penat yang amat..
balik rumah usually main dgn my double princess and layan diorg..
marissa is 2years plus already..
banyak words dah and dah paham banyak benda...
benda paling x best and will always be my worst nightmare "mommy jangan lah work, pleasee?"
huwaaa hancur luluh hati ni...huhu
tapi mommy kene kuat semangat..mommy nak jadi doktor yang baik..
yang ikhlas tolong pesakit2...insyaAllah..
keje memang stressful but sometimes rasa sangat best..macam hari ni kat klinik i met my previously critically ill patient..i thought she wont make it..tapi alhamdulillah kuasa Allah..
She was admitted with severe dengue...yes dengue boleh membunuh ya..remember that!
She had underlying thallasemia not on regular packed cell transfusion. She came in on day 2 of fever with rapid decline in her hemoglobin which means in other word- occult bleed somewhere..Apart from that she had metabolic acidosis and plasma leakage...She was ventilated in ICU with high ventilatory setting and requiring 4 inotropic support. Her kidneys shut down and she required CVVH- a method of dialysis.. Tapi alhamdulillah berkat doa her parents and semua kite dapat wean off her from ventilator and also dialysis. Dialysis buat total 6x je if im not mistaken...
Today she came to our clinic all smiling..Rasa happy yang amat sangat..I told her u almost make me cried before...memang masa tu i almost nak nangis pon sebab tgk parents die nangis..she is 20years old. still young kan?
Benda macam ni lah yang buat im happy with all the workload, stress and everything.. even sometimes they didnt really know and remember us tapi tgk they walk and smile macam buang segala jenis penat lelah and the feeling is so beautiful that words couldnt describe it..
ok from today on ill write regularly in my blog..hehe...take care!

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