Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy birthday to me

Happy belated birthday!hehe..
Malam bday tu oncall..
Very eventful..
Non stop admission with patient yang tak stable sangat dalam wad..
Tapi takleh lawan last oncall last wednesday..
I dont mind takleh tido tau..
Tapi 4 death certs??
And 2 patients need intubation and alhamdulillah survived on that night?
I almost do cpr on my own sebab sorang ho tu tgh manual bagging cuz no ventilator available..
Dahla siang hari tu pt collapsed kt my ward..nyway back to my bday..
My sis cooked us something westerns..
Super tasty!
Got a flower delivery to clinic as well..
Thanks to hubby..
Cuma problemnye mmg hemato clinic ramai patient that i finished my clinic at 330pm!sobsssss

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