Thursday, April 25, 2013


Attended a course today at rtc.. A very interesting topic..thyroid..endocrine is actually used to be one of my fav subject..but then after graduated ilmu endocrine ilang begitu saje so sekarang mmg tak suke sangat lah honestly..
Nyway one of the presenter was a well known surgeon...i just knw that we can do a laparoscopic thyroidectomy in hrpz! Omg!! Rase dh tua..padahal surgical posting was not that long ago..kat malaysia ni ade dua centre and dua surgeon je buat procedure tu and proudly one of the hosp yg buat tu hrpz..hehe.the other one kat hukm.. The incision yg jecik tu buat kat axilla so tak nampak sngt la..utk cosmetic purpose i think its very good...
Hehe antara banyak2 yang tu je sangat menarik perhatian..ngee

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