Saturday, March 9, 2013

Insect bite allergy

I have eczema and my husband has asthma..both of us have atopic disease.
So genetically marissa has a chance to inherited the atopic disease as her mommy and daddy..
The pictures below will explain everything..
We rushed her to emergency department as the rashes deteriorating and she sarted to have runny,not wheezing yet.her eyes were both swollen.
The registrar in ed diagnosed her as allergic reaction..anxious parents as always we ran away from emergency department for a while and went to see aa paediatrician..i was oncalled on that ime so i didnt have much choice..i really need to sort this out during d day..
The paediatrician diagnosed her as having insect bite allergy..we dont know until now what insect that bite her..all we know that she need steroid and piriton..yes by right u shouldnt give ur baby anti-histamines/piriton but the paediatrician said in this case u can as a symptomatic relieve..and i told him that the ed wanted to give him hydrocort but i was afraid she would struggle during the injection..he said that we could use prednisolone as a choice if we didnt want to prick her..

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