Friday, February 15, 2013

Nausea n vomitting in pregnancy

Yess..another babyy..another nausea vomitting in pregnancy..
Vomitted several times during the ward round..the smell of melenic stool, bedsore, diabetic foot ulcer make it worst..
Tengok patient fit with drooling of saliva ponnnnn make me vomit few times..
And i think im started to loose weight too!! My all-time fav food pon macam nak termuntah fav nasi berlauk pagi that i used to eat 2-3 bungkus sekali makan nak abiskan satu bungkus pon susah..
Camne my baby nk dapat nutrition ni?
Last night i was so craving for bolognoise spageti yg pedas..end up my husband yg masak sebab i couldnt tolerate the smell of onions..haha..
3days ago my nvp was superimposed with age..i couldnt tolerate even a single food pon..campor dengan cirit birit n make it worst i was oncalled the next my husband decided to give me some additional hydration..of course if i went to hospital ill get urine ketones was 3+!

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