Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ajari aku

Im soo in love with this song ; Ajari aku Anuar Zain..
His voice is justtt soooooooo alluring...

Nyway marissa has 5 teeth already..
the 6th one is coming!hehhee..
and she is so adorable..
maryam just learnt how to crawl few days ago and already become marissa's loyal follower..hehehe
wherever kak isha pergi die pergi..
kak isha nak panjat tv, die pon nak panjat tv..
kak isha main kat sofa die main kat sofa..
so adorable la both of them..
and marissaaaa isss super duper active..
tidoo pon sampai seluar boleh tercabut!!hahhaah

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