Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fardu haji

Ommi n tokwan r going for hajj tonight..their flight to makkah is scheduled at 1am tonight..
So today mommy and daddy took a day off..Yay for me!spending my precious time with daddy and so happy!!and got to meet many people as well!ramai family members datang rumah jumpe onmi n tokwan..marissa is going to miss u so muchhh tok mommy and daddy has to arrange their oncall schedule so that they wont oncall on the same day..kalau x icha nak tdo dgn sape??kalau mommy oncal arini, icha boleh tdo dgn daddy..and vice versa....
Mommy cakap die akan rindu ommi so much!!lame kot!44 hari..harap2 ommi and tokwan selamat pergi dan selamat sampai..semoga dapat beribadat dengan tenang and mendapat haji mabrur..

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Wahidah said...

alolo comeynya munge icha..auntie nk pinjam bole...mak n ayah aina p haji yea..moga dpt haji mabrur..