Monday, October 1, 2012

Comfort zone

Hospital tanah merah is my comfort zone..ive been in d comfort zone for 1yr..minus the confinement 3months = 9 months in total..
working in htm is actually stress free.. Occasional je la stress when patients still coming n u have no bed available for ur patients..
Oncall kat htm is super cool..memang akan ade masa utk tdo at least an hour..3 kali je la kot so far yg xdpt tdo langsung and so eventful- few trips to hrpz/hkk sending patients..the rest,boleh tdo and makan rilek2.
The other great things about htm is that all d staff respect each other..respect kite ni doctor and tak cakap kasar.tu yang best..pastu environment die sume orang pun knw each other and very sooo going to miss all of them..
Pastu my quality time with husband pon banyak actually..2hrs journey dlm kete with hubby everyday sangat best..boleh cakap n borak2 pasal semua mende..then suapkan hubby breakfast while he was driving pon best...pastu lunch together and dinner together kalau oncall..then if tgh stress sikit ke i boleh pg hug hubby and cite kat die..hrpz boleh tapi a bit susah sebab each other pon bz..
Takpe insyaAllah in d future ill come back..not as mo but as specialist..insyaAllah.

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