Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ive been really busy this week..
So many things happened and so many things to do..

1. Ummi and abah r going for hajj
- they just confirmed their flight on 4th october 2012. So i took a day off on sunday to settle few things including their tickets to kuala lumpur and tabung haji stuff transfer
Last week i'd received a call from jknk asking whether i want to go back to hrpz or not..i told him "kalau boleh".. Hehe dont want him to see the eagerness of me wanting to go back to hrpz..i told him that ive submitted my transfer form already to my pengarah... And 2 days ago ive received a callfrom my colleague at hrpz saying that my name is already in hrpz and ive to register next week.. Whattt!???sooo fasttt??sangat terkejut..thought that ill b staying here at least for another one or 2 months..nervous!!then i told my specialist and friends at htm..they wnat me to postpone it for at least 2weeks.. Unfortunately hrpz really needs mo at the moment so they said i cant posstpone it..tapi peliknya my name is not in d list kat jknk website and the letter still floating somewhere!!haishhh

3. Pc fair
My dad is organizing a pc fair at kbmall next everyone was so busy pasang poster, buat marketing strategies etc..secara automatiknya im busy too

4. Marissa constipation
Marissa bo a bit harden frm usual..i didnt give her any formula milk..she still exclusively minum my expressed breast milk..i think sebab she ate too much n kurang minum this week im busy main tukar recipe utk my sayang

5.master programme
Im applying for sarjana perubatan..yes master..i want to be a specialist..i dont want to be a chronic mo..i think even orang2 tua/kampung pon pandai skarang ni request specialist utk attend quite busy isi borang2 even xde progress sgt pon

6. Harta dunia
We r searching for a house/tanah in kelantan at the moment..g sana g sini cari tapak..tapi so far xde tanah menarik lagi..anyone boleh tlg??

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