Sunday, September 9, 2012

Laksa penang

Yes..i cooked laksa penang yesterday..and baked a choc cake as well..yeeehaaa..
Hubby teringin laksa do i.. So we went to pasar siti khadijah and bought all the ingredients..bought sotong as well as my dear husband wanted to eat ketupat sotong..
First of all we need to basuh the ikan and rebus the ikan..when i was in ireland i used tuna chunk in a brine.. Ikan mahal ko kat sane...sekor ikan mackarel dah euro1.20.. Muahaha..
While waiting for the ikan, i started to mix all d ingredients for my choc cake..initially i wanted to make cupcakes with choc chips inside but there was no choc chips and bekas cupcakes available at home so i just proceed to make a teddy bear choc cake..after finished mixing all d ingredients and put it in the oven i went back to my laksa..
I dont knw whether its the correct way/recipe for laksa penang or not but i just do what i think i wanna do..hehe..firstly tumis blended cili kering, onions, lengkuas n belacan..lepas tu masukkan bunga kantan n daun kesum and then masukkan ikan yg dh direbus and dh di blend..i tersilap blend die hancur sevab masa blend tu i pg tgk cake..haha.. Lepas tu gune air rebusan ikan yg dh ditapis masuk dlm masakan tu..lepas tu masukkan lg daun kesum and bunga kantan biar sampai naik bau..then a bit of salt..alamak lupe lak...asam keping masukkan since d very beginning..
Lepas tu taraaa..laksa penang!!!

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