Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy 6months qaisara marissa

13/9/2012-marissa is 6month old already!
Still breastfeeding my baby..
No formula introduced to my darling marissa..
Its not easy for me as a working doctor to breastfeed her.
Im working 1 hr away from my baby..
I cant just go home to breastfeed her..
We go to work at 7am every morning and arrived home at 6pm everyday..
And if im oncall or both of us oncall we leave our beloved daughter to our pengasuh and my mom..
If i am oncall i wont be seeing my daughter for at least 36hrs..
Ill see her the day after tomorrow..therefore marissa mmg kene gune stock ebm je lah..kalau hubby tak oncall but im oncall die akan bawak balik susu tu kat marissa..milk yang i pump that day..kalau both of us oncall mmg praying really hard so that stok ebm cukup for that day..
I do a regular double pumping least 4x day..first waktu nk pergi keje dalam kereta..usually morning pumping dapat la 8-9oz both sides..
Then during lunch hour..usually i makan cepat2 then terus pergi bilik oncall and pump..afternoon pon usually dpt 7-8oz..depends..
Next pumping masa balik keje...kul 5 dalam kereta tu i pump siap2 and usuallydapat lah 4oz maximum both sides...
Kat rumah lepas direct bf marissa around 8-9 pm i pump lagi both sides and usually dpt 2-4oz..
I did that since i start working..malam tu if i penat sgt i xsempat pump dh tertdo dh..that usually happened during post-call..
Pernah sekali i oncall back to back..cthnye i oncall isnin n selasa isnin pergi keje kul 7pagi then i jumpe marissa balik on wednesday 6pm...macam 3hari jugak la x jumpe anak kan?
And usually kalau weekend call mmf jadual pumping lari sikit sebab bz x sempat nak pump..cthnye semalam..semalam i had intubated pt kul 10am..siap2 ambulance and stabilize d pt kul 1230 baru g antar..arrived back at htm kul 330..then solat semua and sebab mmg ramai pt x stabilize i dapat pump only at 630pm..lepas tu g attend pt balik i pump balik lepas isyak around 845 b4 pergi tgk pt 3 kali je la pump semalam sebab by 1230 masuk bilik oncall tu dh collapsed dh..
So alhamdulillah eventho my milk tak banyak sngt,still boleh breastfeed..fully breastfeed..
Syukur sangat2..
Oleh itu those working moms yang keje 8-5 everyday atau yg mengajar pagi je ke petang je ke takde alasan actually xleh nak breastfeed anak kite sendiri...kene ade niat tu awal2 and invest sikit duit utk beli a good pump.. Worth it..really worth it..
Keep on going..dont give up..ingat kite nak kasi the best to our do the best!kalau kene sacrifice lunch hour ke ape ke just sacrifice..its for our baby..and kdg2 tu when org cakap susu sikit ke, kenape kedekut sgt mak beli formula ke,kenape nk susahkandiri ke ape ke u jawab je " i want the best for my baby"..

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