Saturday, September 29, 2012

day off

 Day off today..
Unfortunately husband is oncall..he is doing a back to back call since thursday..
tapi believe me back to back call hospital tanah merah is equal to one oncall hrpz 2..
oncall hrpz 2 super tired..
cases non stop..
hrpz 2 kan tertiary centre so mmg accept referal je la..
why am i talking about hrpz 2?
sebabnye im going back to hrpz 2 next week..
mix feeling..
feels like running away..
i did apply for the transfer tapi skarang ni takut la pulak..
hrpz 2 scary sikit..
no more ample time to sleep
no more ample time to gossiping..
no more mo's room...
no more cmputer with internet and printer for mo..
im sooo going to miss hospital tanah merah..
i love that hospital provided it just 5mins away from my home..
my parents are going to mecca next week..
Allah dah atur semua cantik dah..
Allah bagi saya balik hrpz 2 next week..
so that somebody will watch over marissa..
kalau i still kat htm sape nak tgkkan marissa?
if anything happen i was 1hr away from her..
kalau kat hrpz 2..i was just 5mins away from her..
rase taknak pergi hrpz 2 la pulak..
sebab nanti i xde adik2 ho yang boleh mintak tolong and rapat..
kat kb im pretty sure adik2 ho mmg macam mo and ho je..
bukan macam kakak n adik..
register haji utk marissa...52 tahun lagi ok!!!

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