Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coffee addict

I was a coffee addict before i gave birth to my adorable princess,Qaisara Marissa..i stop taking any caffeinated drink since then as i was afraid my milk supply will go down due to caffeine..(it was written in the book!!)
Now that marissa is 5mnths plus and solid is already introduced ive back to my still breastfeed my princess..i hope i can continue breastfeed her till she is 2yrs old or until she doesnt want it anymore..
Anyway i want to talk about the coffee not the breastfeeding..hehe..apart from me,my brother and my father r coffee addicts too..they are more into d coffee compared to myself.. I have few coffee machines in my longhi, morphy richard's espresso, nespresso, cookworks, nescafe and 2 others that i couldnt remember..our latest addition was nescafe dolce gusto..i love it so muchh!i love the mocha and cappucino flavour!i dont know whether they have caramel machiato or going to google that after brother howver prefers nespresso rather than nescfe dolce husband?hes not ibto a coffee or tea..hes nore into fruit juices and carbonated drink..
So now i would like to introduce u guys to our fav coffee machines at the moment; nespresso and nescafe dolce gusto plus their capsules!!

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