Monday, July 2, 2012


Told u earlier tht i want to use cloth diapers for my marissa..unfortunately i dont have enough time to try it before..masa awal2 b4 keje dulu my mom xkasi sebab she thought that it is too big for marissa takut nnt jalan terka ngkang.hahah.
Ive tried few brands before but i think im going to use huggies permanently..marissa inherited my skin..supersensitive..even her own tears pon boleh jadi rashes kalau xlap cepat2..hari tu kiteorg try brand 'x' tukar so frequent ;less than 2 hrly tapi nppy rashes die sangat teruk..kesian we ended up using huggies.. Shes getting bigger now so we thought that we should try different types of huggies..ngeeeeeee..lepas ni baru try cd.lalalala

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