Monday, June 25, 2012


Ive met few racist people while i was in ireland..tapi xpenah la jumpe yg racist sampai xnk kasi sentuh..
Semalam ade sorang patient masa collapse tu my ho of course la nk amik abg,set new branula bla bla bla kan..then one of the relatives stopped him and warned him not to touch the pt..they requested other doctors..kesian die..terpaksa die call org len..
Sy xpenah pulak dengar org islam xleh disentuh org bkn islam..tambah3 org yg nk tolong die..and bukan ke tu mcm mengambarkn hmmm..



Are no-more-"d**" on Dr. Aina's posts mean that she'll not going to update her blog on daily basis anymore? :(

Anyway, all the best on being the best mother and doctor! May Allah ease your way :))

Witty Angel said...

hehe daily lagi insyaAllah cuma takut lost count je..hehehe