Friday, June 29, 2012


Im currently in d ambulance heading back to hospital tanah merah..just sent a pt who came with gcs 11/15;BP 260/140..ct scan done in hrpz noted that he has a massive after discussed with ED physician and MO, we just transferred him to d redzone and they will refer him to neurosurgical team husm..
Before i went to send this pt i saw a 3 month old baby who came to casualty htm with inconsolable crying..upon examination he has obstructed ingiinal hernia..pity him..mesti sakit sangat sampai nangis non stop..i can feel his parents..dulu maybe i x rasa but after marissa lahir i become more sensitive with the babies..tgk diorg nangis terus teringat kat marissa and rase nak nangis jugak sebab rindu and of course worried jugak sebab tinggal die kan kat rumah with maid..satu lagi my husband and myself sangat risau nanti one day we come home after oncall marissa dh x recognize us..risau sngt..thats why im going to fill in the transfer form next hook or by crook i need to transfer back to hrpz 2 or else my marissa is coming to tanah merah with us...

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