Sunday, June 17, 2012

d96 : first day at work

Was initially a bit nervous to go back to work..afraid that i would do any simple foolish mistake that would end up in catastrophic result.but alhamdulillah everything was quite okay.. everyone still recognizes me and i met with my new speacialist...hes very nice...tried my best to make a good first impression...the best thing about today was that everyone said that i looked like anak dara..hahaha..diorg cakap mcm x penah pregnant...ahaha..ade jugak yang kata kurus sangat x cantek..hehe..xkesah la as long as i am happy..ngeee...
my day was quite busy as compared to before..i had to rush to oncall room everytime i had a 10minutes-break to do a double pumping...last time i would normally enjoy the music from my ipod while lying down but today i had no time to lie precious lunch break was all dedicated to breast pumping..=D

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