Thursday, June 14, 2012

d93 : oncall.

I am emotionally unwell..
I am going to start working again next week..
Im going to leave marissa with her nanny for at least 8hrs/day
Not to forget if im oncall-36hrs.
uhuk uhuk..
worst-i have 10days and im oncall 5 times during that duration..
so u can do a simple math here..5 in if we have 30days?15?ahahaha
what to do right?
crazy right?
but its my job. i have to do my job. i will do my job. im used to this before-minus a baby..
i hope my milk supply is enough for marissa cuz i want to exclusively breastfeed her..
i dont want to give cow's milk to her IF i have a choice...
doakan ye.

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