Thursday, June 7, 2012

d86 che noreen

.::che noreen's baby-ahmad and my qaisara marissa ::.

.::tengok lah betapa ganasnya marissa tdo::.

.::saye dh mandi!!::.

.::goregous smile specially dedicated to daddy::.

.::hi daddy::.

Alhamdulillah..marissa's temperature settling down..sempat kasi 2 doses je..tried to minimize medications usage husband of course totally disagreed..haha..die kata for medicine to be effective, we need to take it according to d dosage freq and at least a day...lalalala.. kalau ikutkan patutnye 6 hourly =4 times..hehe...


Wahidah said...

wah makin membesar dgn sihat ye marissa..alhamdulillah

Witty Angel said...