Thursday, May 24, 2012

d72 yeay tok ummi n tokwan r coming home tomorrow

.::Good Morning everyone!::.

.::nama saya ustazah qaisara marissa::.

.::Yay tok ummi is coming home tomorrow!!::.

Hi everyone!!im happy today. Tok umi and tokwan r coming home tomorrow!they already departed from new york couple hrs ago. Yeay!Esok boleh la marissa kiss tok ummi banyak2.. mommy tgk gambar tok ummi shopping and wow!!mommy cant wait!new coach handbags are on their way to malaysia!yay!!!mommy love coach!baru je semalam tok umi call cakap xleh beli banyak cuz limit 23kg je each tapi tgk luggage tu yang baru tu..hehee..beg beranak satu lagi..hahaha..:P..tapi taktau tokwan sempat beli ke x jeans utk mommy..tokwan tanye size kul 3 and mommy collapsed already!tapi nampak guess itu..hopefully its mine!hhahahaa..lalalala
nyway got another good news today..alhamdulillah..a very nice hrpz physician called me today.. she said that they r running out of medical mo at the she wanted to submit my name and my other colleague to jknk today so that we can transferred out to hrpz soon!and of course in medical other colleague is a bit reluctant to come back-workload, stress, shortage of mo but im willing to. It doesnt matter anymore as long as im able to come home to my baby everyday!my hse is just 5mins walking time from hrpz so i can just go home anytime(if time permits)...alhamdulillah..i hope i can transfer back to kb before raya..really hoping for that..i cant imagine myself travelling from htm to kb during fasting month and of course raya time. i can imagine how the traffic will be during raya..=(

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