Saturday, May 12, 2012

d60 : tokwan is admitted

.::with aunty miera::.

.:: tengah bercakap2 dengan aunty mira::.

Actually entry friday tu dah scheduled dah sebab initially wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur with my husband for quick getaway..then tak jadi pergi sebab Qaisara Marissa memang taknak minum ikut bottle kiteorg takut dehydrated kang xnak minum so xjadi pergi..nak dijadikan cite lak tukang urut tu lak available on friday so xjadi la bertolak ke kl malam tu...lepas tu baru nak start urut sume my mom came and told me my dad sakit husband pon terus pergi and bawak die pergi perdana..the pain is typical text book description for angina- crushing pain at the centre radiating to the left arm+back associated with shortness of breath and near syncopal attack.. so having multiple risk factors immediately la kan heart attack came to my mind.. my father is a heavy smoker(dah nasihat suruh quit tapi susah), hyperlipidaemia (his ldl was almost 4 last yr and non complicance to statin), family history of heart disease (was told by Baba that we had family hx of congenital anomalous of coronary artery) and male. He is 48 year old this year. still young huh?but u know what?i had 18y.o patient 2yrs ago had heart attack!nyway back to my dad. Apart from congenital anomalous of coronary artery, my late grandfather had young hypertension and passed away due to haemorrhagic stroke and we had few family members diagnosed with cardiovascular disease before age 50!so yes, heart attack is the main thing that came across my mind.
My husband who was with my dad on that time immediately called my uncle who is a cardiologist in UMMC. He then made a few calls and last thing that i knw my dad is treated under a cardiologist. His serial ECG doesnt show any changes.. His cardiac enzymes is within the range. Trop T negative. But symptoms wise?-typical chest pain. He was admitted in ICU, given subcutaneous arixtra, cardiprin, statin, IV GTN, oxygen and put on drip.(??!)
Always a heavy smoker, my dad dengan mata takleh nak bukak(given alprazolam), drip on his hand pesan kat my mom "bawak balik la sume mende but rokok tinggal lah)..hahahaha... ni dok kat ICU ni!
ANyway today he is transferred to common ward already..looking much better. We left Marissa with Mama Ayah Lik and bibik CT. She was behaving well and boleh pulak minum ikut bottle..kalau mommy ade xleh..die ade 6th sense kot yang boleh tahu mommy die ade kat situ.. marissa budak busyuk betol.

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