Thursday, May 10, 2012

d58 almost 2 months!

.:: my chubby little pumpkin.::.
.::woke up this morning and saw scratches on her face..:((mittens?kat bawah bantal die..ganas betol tdo::.
.::my lil angel lepas mandi..=)::.

Time flew by so fast!qaisara marissa dah 2 bulan and maknanya dah 2 bulan jugak la mommy die tak g keje and tak menjejakkan diri ke tanah merah...rase macam dh bersawang2 dah otak ni.. camne ek nak start keje?nak study malas?tried to read few updates from medscape online tapi baru baca satu paragraph pon dh bosan..haiyoyo...but then ada satu topic ni did caught my attention : Physical intervention alleviates pain in infants receiving vaccinantion..
As a mother, what im worried of when my marissa kene vaccinate apart from all the side effects and complications of the vaccine is her pain and discomfort. And im pretty sure im not alone in this case.This article told us that physical intervention alone or physical intervention with sucrose will alleviate the pain or discomfort that baby will endure during the vaccination process. Physical interventions that they used are 5s which are swaddling, shushing, side or stomach position, sucking and swinging. Therefore, parents out there try la gune that 5s masa nak comfortkan baby lepas kene vaccinated..bulan ni banyak sikit aktivity marissa..nak kene g inject pneumococcal and yang ikut malaysia immunisation schedule-diphetria, pertussis, polio and Haemophilus Influenza B. Lepas tu nak g sunatkan die..ari tu actually dh ade tok bidan nak sunatkan die tapi mommy die yang hmm xtau nak describe ni was afraid of sterility and cleanliness of the tok bidan so tak jadi..hehehe...nak g sunatkan die kat klinik when the time permits..susah sikit sebab sume pon next week my parents are going to New York so lagi la...
Owh and u know what?Marissa taknak minum susu ikut bottle!!haiyaaaaaaaaaa!!!reject terus ni..aiyoyo..padahal everyday at least sekali kasi dh 3 ari dh die refused botol..aishhh

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