Sunday, April 29, 2012

d47 - celcom sucks?

Look at the picture above..3 text messages i'd received from celcom alert..pls note the date celcom sent me the text msgs..bole imagine ke dalam 2 hari my bill terus naik from 152 to 238?kalau i used it lain lah tapi ni mmg i x gune sangat pon..internet i gune wireless at home..i offkan 3g i sebab rumah i internet streamyx lagi laju...and satu number je i called over these couple of days- my mom. my mom pon celcom user husband ade kat rumah over the weekend so mmg xde call die langsung...and call my mom pon brape kali je and brape minit je..less than 3mins for each and rasenye less than 5times..tapi bill boleh jadi camtu sekali?this is not the first time it happened...banyak kali dah actually tapi i usually ignore it and terdelete msg tapi this time melampau la kot?ade penah my bill rm90+ terus jadi rm180+ and erus kene barred...macam apekah????sakit hati maybe tomorrow kalau ade org boleh jaga marissa i nak g customer service celcom and hear their explaination...kalau x, the best thing cancel je number n plan ni amik maxis or digi..orang cakap digi punye internet quite laju and coverage die pon dh a lot improved with much cheaper plan...banyak kali sngt dh celcom ni..bosan dah... maxis org cakap banyak extra charges tapi tengoklah camne..
mood skarang nak makan orang..sebab ngantok..marissa tak tido langsung semalam okeh!Daddy pon xtertidoo..m0mmy dh la URTI semalam with myalgia sume..xlarat..geram je tapi when tengok muka die masa menyusukan die, sejuk je hati ni...terus rasa tenang...pandai ni anak mommy ni gune facial expression die...sayanggg marissa sangat2...taktau la nape die xnak tdo n nak kene peluk and nak bf je all d time...h0pefully die tak sakit ke mom cakap kalau baby sakit die nangis kuat tapi marissa setakat kejap je nangis..angkat terus senyap, hopefully die x sakit lah...

muke sedih sebab xde org nak main2 dengan die..mommy dh ngantok sangat dah..daddy lak dah g keje...che sue pon dh ngantok dh tu..shiannn sayangg mommy ni...mommy nk minum coffee takut kurang susu lak...kat kelantan ni so fa


Globalnicky said...

Today I finally did it. I transferred my line to Maxis. So happy today.

After years of aggravating situations, I finally became a member to a proper provider. Maxis.

Reasons to leave Celcom :
1. You claim to have the best connections yet some places were other providers have 3G and higher, you only have E. (Gambang Resort in Kuantan) Try to call 1111 they just laugh it away.
2. Standing next to a tower have 3g, go inside back to E…..
3. Broadband disconnects regular were YES has lightning speed connections. One time I had no connection for two days but still had to pay full amount. (Greedy)
4. Customer Service must be run by tadika students as nobody can help you. When you ask something they don’t know, the line suddenly disconnects (Must be Celcom line)
5. You are disconnected without warning. But you wonder why you never get a bill.
6. Blue Cubes are useless when run by incompetent, rude and sometimes arrogant people.
7. As an Ex-pat (With Mycad and proper work visa) I was asked to pay RM500 deposit. But when I don’t pay my bill I get disconnected like everybody else…. That’s a racistical rule.
8. Changing plans is a nightmare. Goto Celcom office. Have like 10 girls sitting there, nobody helps. All busy (?). Customers waiting and waiting and waiting.
9. Attitude of your Blue dressed staff is simply arrogant. (Compare to Digi staff and Maxis staff clearly they had training unlike the Celcom staff)
10. Its ok to throw this away. I have put it on all blogs which I could find. See how many hits I get.

Please note something. Its not the product, its not the brand name……. The most important thing of all is how you treat your customers.
Do me a favor and go to Google online : Type : Celcom sucks.. 813.000 hits !!

Wake up Celcom your losing customers……..Sombong time is over

An extremely former Celcom now happy Maxis customer client

WWL said...

Celcom does not allow you to upgrade your contract plan, like your data plan. If you want to change from 1 Gb to 3 Gb, the Celcom staff tell you cannot.

Because you have signed device contract, so tak boleh.

This is very absurd, and it just shows how insensitive and rigid Celcom is.

For the record, Maxis ALLOWS you to upgrade your contarct.

What the hell is wrong with Celcom? Don't believe me, just sign a contract with them, and then ask to change the plan later.....

Mati-mati also they say cannot.

Even if you are UPGRADING and paying them MORE MONEY.

See how stupid they are? Piss off customer and refuse more money.