Thursday, April 26, 2012

d44 - pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccine

My Qaisara Marissa with Aunty Jaja and Ibu Bella..muke baru bangun tdo.demok demok dahhhh anak mommy ni.hehehe

Parents out there, anyone vaccinated their babies against both-pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccine? do i really need to vaccinate my baby?im pretty sure i will vaccinnate my baby against pneumococcus but rotavirus?having read few articles regarding rotavirus, made me wonder is it really important?then i asked my senior colleague who is a paediatrician working in HUSM at the moment..he told me that it actually depends on few factors..
1. Important
- How important the vaccine is? for those who doesnt know, pneumococcal vaccine protect ur child against streptococcus pneumonia which is a gram positive bacteria..Streptococcus pneumonia which is also known as pneumococcus may cause several diseases such as meningitis, septicaemia and pneumonia..the disease, if untreated may cause fatality to ur loved ones.. In few developed countries, it is included in their immunisation schedule..In malaysia, they still do not include the pneumococcal vaccine in the schedule as yet..perhaps because of the cost i think..eventho it still not included in MOH EPI schedule, it is available in certain private hospitals and GPs..As in Kelantan, i think TMC clinic provide the vaccine..
- For rotavirus, it may protect ur child against acute gastroenteritis..of course it wont kill your child but if u did not provide a good hydration it may end up in fatality senior colleague cakap it mayb covering about 80-90%. It has failure rate too!!must remember that!and AGE is treatable..

- U need to know the complications of the vaccine..From what ive read rotavirus vaccine may have slight chance of intusseception- so think about it!and u need to remember other general side effects of the vaccine such as encelopathy, anaphylaxis weigh the risks and benefits..

3. Timing
-when to take?it depends on the schedule..normally starts at 2mnths old.

4. Contamination
- this only applies for rotavirus as from what ive read it is contaminated with procine dnavirus.. the products actually has been withdrawn for a yr but been introduced back to the market..studies shown that the virus has no side effect(at least not for now)

5. Cost
- It is expensive and yes, u have to pay on ur own...the goverment still not subsidized those 2 vaccines yet..both were recommended by paediatricians(from what ive read).. i think both worth ur money...preventing is better than cure..better spend a bit now rather than a bit later.=)

As for me?im still thinking of vaccinated my precious baby against rotavirus but im certain that i will vaccinated her against pneumococcus...pneumococcus has quite a number of morbidity and mortality rate..i will share with u later if i have any other info..

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Qaisara Marissa with Aunty tati & Ibu bella

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