Friday, April 6, 2012

d24 and losing weight

toknik came and brought gift from switzerland to Marissa + a brand new necklace!thanks a million toknik!

baru tahu perasaan org yg husband die doctor n die bkn doctor or vice versa..sakit hati jugak when husband asek kene oncall..worst,today n tomorrow back to back..n smlm dh la hubby tdo lambat sebab jaga marissa..kesian die..hopefully uneventful punye call..selama ni x rasa sangat cuz kiteorg selalu arrange jadual oncall biar together2..therefore eventho kiteorg oncall we can still see each other or if we r lucky enough, have our dinner together..kalau one of us oncall pon we still can see each other kat hospital..
my mom allowed me to eat nutella so mmg satu botol sehari la..nasi mkn sikit pon xpe..when i was in banting doing international baccalaureate, (yes i am IB survivor!!!),cream crackers jacob with nutella n choc oat was my regular meal!ull only see me in dewan selera only occasionally during a week..sebabnyee i didnt like d food yg diorg masak plus lalat2 sume yg mmg cut off terus my appetite..hasil mkn mende tu- chubby!!!hahaha..
org cakap waktu berpantang ni la kan nak kene turunkan berat?i did lose few kgs but baru berape ari pre marriage weight was 44kg went up to 47-49 lepas kawen..masa pregnant b4 delivery tu my weight was 53kg..ramai cakap i was chubbier lepas baru2 kawen than masa pregnant..masa pregnant aritu i x beli bj maternity langsung pon..hahaha..selalu kene tny bile nak pakai..was planning to buy when i had PROM and marissa decided to come out earlier than her due specialist cakap she lost 20kgs during pantang so i put her as an idol..haha.i shall pantang abis abisan and losing weight as uch as possible..i shall pamper myself with tungku n massage daily but my fav tukang iurut tu busy-not available daily..only for d first 10days next appointment is d day after tomorrow!cant wait!

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